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Welcome to Sun Dental!

Thank you for visiting SUN Dental Studio’s website. As a full service laboratory and innovator in the dental industry, we are pleased to show you how we continue to evolve and bring forth a whole new level of servicing and manufacturing of dental restorations.

As this fast accelerating technological society penetrates the dental industry, SUN Dental Studio remains on the peak of this change by integrating the latest design, with precision technique, milling, and material certification technology advancements, to ensure its dedication and commitment to delivering excellence with every restoration fabricated.We pride ourselves in knowing that the restorative techniques we provide not only to deliver quality and great amounts of savings, but we reduce the challenges dentists face on a daily basis.

Our Dental Experts can assure that the restorations designed at SUN Dental Studio delivers consistency, expedited with precision, reliability, and great customer service reducing the margin for error.

Paul Park, C.D.T Certified Dental Technician

Sun Dental Studio
2631 W. Woodland Dr
Anaheim, CA 92801
Phone: 714-761-0007
Fax: 714-761-0008

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